My name is Kee-ju, and I’m an amateur self-taught foodie who grew up in a Korean-American household in Minnesota, eating kimchi and Korean barbeque alongside mac and cheese and tater tot hotdish.


I’m married to my talented and handsome and horticulturally amazing husband, Steven (check out his floral design work here)


We take care of one clumsy (but extremely lovable) Great Dane named Paddington and a smart (but very naughty) Boston Terrier named Mr. Darcy. We also homestead (Steven’s term for what we’re doing) taking care of a flock of chickens, a fabulous Polish rooster, and a half acre of garden.

I love to eat and I love to cook, and while I try to stick to a nutrient dense diet, I still enjoy the worst junk food (I’m a sucker for red bean filled mochi and any sort of french fry). We eat a lot of Korean, Vietnamese, European and Americana cuisine, and are also a Kerrygold Butter household (Kerrygold does not pay me anything to say that. Their butter is just that good) Most of my recipe posts are about Korean food, but we cook and bake just about anything (with the only rule being that it’s gluten-free)